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Save time and get a professional look. We not only type your documents, but provide you with both the hard (printed document) and soft (electronic version) copy. 


From letters to term papers, from business plans to marketing presentation; typing is done in a confidential and professional manner.

We are happy to offer suggestions on how to redesign your resume and post it for you on the web.

Proofreading and spell checking services are also provided.

General Administration

We can help with your word processing, phone calls, e-mails, invoices, meeting arrangement. If it happens in an office we can do it for you.

Internet Searches & Research

Carrying out internet searches can be very time consuming. We can do that work for you and present you with a report of our findings. Similarly, we can research any subject for you from which is the best fax machine to buy to how do spring tides work.

Policy Documentation

We can help prepare all types of policy documents for your business from Health and Safety to Personnel and Employment policies.

Transcription Service

Preparation of a printed copy of your audio material. Transcription by mini, micro, standard and digital methods.

IT Solutions

Do you have a specific software requirement that would help your business.  We can teach you how to use and make the most of your software programs. Also Internet & Computer Training.

Photo Imaging

We can scan or take pictures to add on your website. Web Designing also available.

Desktop Publishing

Do you need a brochure designed and printed to promote your business? We can offer a range of products all designed specifically for you.

Mail Shots

Not only can we produce the brochures, we can also send them out to your mailing list for you.

Legal Documents

Divorce, Child Support & Modifications, Settlement Agreements, Construction Contracts & Agreements, Bill of Sale, Name change, etc. Call us for our special prices. Uncontested Divorce: Now only $100.


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